Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ring Bearer's Pillow

I made this for my daughter's wedding. It was my first real sewing experience and I think it turned out great! I just came across a picture of it and wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This made me cry...

I am so distraught over this story that I just cannot comprehend how this country has gotten to this point. Here we are spending billions of dollars on a war that is in my opinion and many other Americans not in our best interest and yet we let this happen to our own people.

I sure hope that someone in California sees this woman's story and has a big enough heart to take her in or provide her with some help. I surely would if I lived in her area.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reality TV

This is my first time commenting on the reality tv shows that I watch. Three shows have come to an end. First Survivor: Probably the best season I have seen yet. A lot of blind siding and female domination! I must say I wasn't pleased with the outcome. Amanda you got robbed plain and simple. You outsmarted everyone with the hidden immunity idol and outplayed Parv and the rest with immunity challenges. I hope you find that your greatest win was your relationship with Ozzy.

Second The Bachelor London Calling: Another great and probably the best right up there with Trista & Ryan. Shayne I have seen a lot of negative threads on ABC message board about you. All I have to say is please ignore the losers. You were magnificent and as Matt said it the best genuine. May you both find happiness and don't let the media ruin things for you.

Third Big Brother: Very disappointed in this show as they aired a few things that shouldn't have been aired. A couple having sex in the bathroom. Did we really need to know that? Also, the public display of abuse that arrogant James did to Sheila. Come on CBS get real. A little censorship maybe?? And the winner? Adam? Unbelievable!

Looking forward to watching Deanna the next bachelorette. I hope she truly finds happiness. Questioning why these people can't find love in the real world. Oh well just not my cup of tea.