Friday, January 25, 2008

Black Eyed Susan

I created my second pattern. It is Maryland's state flower the Black Eyed Susan.

Please feel free to use it, but please mention my blog. Thanks and enjoy!

G Hook

100% Brown and Yellow Acrylic Yarn - I used the mill ends that I received from

Stitches Used

SS - Slip Stitch

SC - Single Crochet

Chain 2

SS to form ring.

SC in ring 6 times.

SC in next 6 stitches twice.

Fasten off.

Attach yellow with SS and chain 6

SC in next 5 stitches.

SC in next stitch

Repeat for 8 petals.

Fasten off.

Copyright of crochetbypauline 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Emily Blanket

I am going to attempt my first graph. It will be a blanket for my Granddaughter Emily (whom I haven't met yet). It is from Kim Guzman's pattern. Thank-You Kim! I have transferred the stitches to a written form so it will make it a little easier for me.

The graph is pictured above and I have written the row count. I haven't tested this yet though so I hope it's right.

Foundation Chain 50
Row 1- 50 SC
Row 2- 50 SC
Row 3- 38W 6P 6W
Row 4- 5W 2P 3W 3P 37W
Row 5- 37W 2P 5W 2P 4W
Row 6- 4W 2P 44W
Row 7- 44W 2P 4W
Row 8- 4W 2P 1W 4P 1W 3P 2W 3P 2W 3P 2W 2P 2W 2P 5W 6P 6W
Row 9-4W 4P 1W 2P 2W 2P 2W 3P 3W 2P 2W 2P 1W 3P 4W 2P 4W 3P 4W
Row 10-4W 2P 6W 2P 4W 2P 2W 2P 1W 3P 3W 2P 2W 2P 2W 2P 3W 2P 4W
Row 11-3W 2P 8W 2P 3W 2P 2W 2P 2W 2P 3W 2P 2W 2P 3W 2P 2W 3P 3W
Row 12-3W 2P 3W 2P 2W 2P 2W 3P 3W 2P 1W 3P 1W 2P 4W 2P 8W 2P 3W
Row 13-3W 2P 14W 2P 2W 2P 2W 2P 3W 2P 2W 2P 2W 2P 3W 3P 2W
Row 14-2W 2P 3W 2P 3W 2P 1W 3P 3W 2P 1W 7P 14W 2P 3W
Row 15-4W 2P 12W 11P 3W 3P 2W 2P 2W 2P 3W 2P 2W
Row 16-11W 2P 24W 5P 1W 3P 4W
Row 17-5W 5P 1W 2P 24W 2P 11W
Row 18-10W 2P 3W 2P 21W 5P 7W
Row 19-7W 2P 5W 2P 18W 2P 2W 2P 10W
Row 20-10W 2P 2W 2P 18W 2P 5W 2P 7W
Row 21-7W 2P 5W 2P 23W 2P 9W
Row 22-9W 3P 22W 3P 3W 2P 8W
Row 23-9W 7P 12W 1P 21W
Row 24-20W 3P 27W
Row 25-26W 5P 19W
Row 26-18W 7P 6W 1P 18W
Row 27-17W 3P 4W 9P 17W
Row 28-16W 11P 2W 5P 16W
Row 29-15W 6P 1W 13P 15W
Row 30-14W 15P 1W 6P 14W
Row 31-13W 6P 1W 17P 13W
Row 32-12W 19P 1W 6P 12W
Row 33-11W 7P 1W 19P 12W
Row 34-12W 9P 1W 9P 1W 8P 10W
Row 35-9W 9P 1W 8P 3W 8P 12W
Row 36-13W 6P 5W 6P 1W 10P 9W
Row 37-9W 11P 1W 4P 1W 1P 5W 4P 14W
Row 38-23W 1P 5W 2P 1W 9P 9W
Row 39-10W 7P 3W 6P 24W
Row 40-25W 4P 5W 5P 11W
Row 41-50W
Row 42-50W

I am hoping to start this by the end of the week. I will post a picture as soon as I have it done.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Crochet hook or needle case

I made three of these roll-up hook or needle cases today.

They are for sale on ebay.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Crochet Album


I made this from a McCall's Pattern book. It is made with Red Heart Aran. It is a woman's size approximately 22" circumference. I really liked making the flower it was so fun to do.

It is for sale in my shop.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Doll for Emily

I made this doll for my Granddaughter Emily and named her after her. She can rename her when she gets older as she is only 4 months.

I am not happy with the results. I really don't care for the way her face came out and will probably redo it at some point.

The weather her is going to hit record highs this week. After the deep freeze last week, I am ready for some warmer weather. Weekend is almost coming to an end and back to work tomorrow. I have been fighting a cold and I hope I feel better soon.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow been really busy and honestly am glad the holidays are over. So tiring and stressful! Too much to do in so little time.

Anyhow I did manage to get some crocheting in. Just finished this adorable baby sweater and booties. I made these out of Caron Simply Soft Country Blue and Off White yarn. I just love this yarn it is so soft and babies look adorable in these.

Keep crocheting till next time....