Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

I had a wonderful weekend! Hope you did too. My Grandson celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends yesterday. He got way too many toys. At one point was so overwhelmed he didn't know which one to play with first.

Here is a pic of the set I made for my grandson #3 on the way in December. Name to be further announced (don't think they made up their minds yet).

I also made some adorable cradle purses (pics to be posted soon).

We went to the town's annual Halloween parade on Saturday nite. A little parade which the kids walked behind the town's fire truck with sirens blaring and kids in costume. We then crowded into the town hall for some trick or treat and prizes for best costumes. My little one got on stage dressed at Batman but was not chosen for a prize.

Gotta get some work done - till later.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Day 2

Well day 2 is here and I don't have any comments made to my blog but am optimistic that I will eventually get some feedback. I recently made some cute cradle purses. I obtained the pattern from my good friend over at Crochetville. They are so cute! I wish I had a Granddaughter that could enjoy them. I am thinking about selling them at the craft fair or seeking out some deserving little girl for the holidays.

I tried making a ripple afghan last nite but just couldn't conquer the stitch. I am not going to give up however just going to give a rest for a little while and see if I can pick up some tips from my favorite website, Crochetville.

Another day has come and almost gone, looking forward to the Fall Back this weekend. God knows I could use the extra sleep.

Till tomorrow,


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Crochet4Uanytime by Pauline

Good Morning All

Hello everyone,

I am new to blogging and am really excited about it. What I want most from this blog is meeting new people, sharing ideas about crochet, learning new patterns and making things for my grandchildren. I am expecting my 3rd grandson in December.

Not really sure what to expect being a newbie and all but ready for a new adventure.

My links are Sploofus which is a trivia website and lots of fun, is a great place to meet new people and share ideas and crochetpatterncentral is a site for free patterns.
Also please take the time to check out the other two links your click could make all the difference.

From one hooker to another!


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